Signs & Flags

Signs and signboards often come in handy when you have to inform a large group of people about something that they ought to know. Wholesale Case Price, a leading bulk supplier of a huge range of wholesale products is offering heavy discounts on their latest range of signs and signboards. This collection of signs includes signs in a variety of sizes and with a diverse range of functionalities. We have 'sale' signs, 'emergency' signs as well as 'rental'. Rest assured if a customer walks into your store looking for signs, there's no way that he/she will go empty handed. Place your bulk order now and be ready to be surprised by our amazingly low bulk prices.

A sign is no good if it cannot express what you want to say clearly. Our range of signs come in red background which makes them stand out and easy to spot. Also, the typeface used in these signs is bold and big which ensures that your message will be clear to whoever reads your sign. Designed to be sturdy and rigid, these signs can take on any weather conditions and come away unscathed. Moreover the low bulk prices make this range an absolute steal. So hurry and order now.