96 of Braided Bath Sponges Pvc Display

96 of Braided Bath Sponges Pvc Display

SKU: 3816522

Features two toned mesh braids, can be stretched conveniently while using. Can apply shower gel or soap on the puff for easy exfoliation, will make your soaps and gels last longer. The braided mesh straps have grip cords on both ends that are used to stretch the braid across hard to reach back and shoulders.

  • Premium Bath Pouf Sponge
  • Soft Mesh Bathing Tool
  • Rope to hang, Easy dry
  • Effectively clean your skin. 12 inch long loofah is perfect to get to those hard to reach places and stretches up to 30 inches!
  • loofah has a convenient string for hanging purposes made of high quality mesh in a braided design
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Case (96 Pieces): $98.88

Unit Price: $1.03

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