48 of Neon Lights Flashlight Pens

48 of Neon Lights Flashlight Pens

SKU: 3358636

Combine utility and convenience with our 5" Long Ballpoint Pens that double as bright flashlights. This set includes 48 packs, each containing a silver pen with red, pink, lime green, blue, or black trim and cord. These pens come with an on/off switch and two light modes, allowing you to choose your light setting. The extra bright white LED light and break-away neck cord add to their functionality. Each pen writes in blue ink.

These ballpoint pens with flashlights are a practical choice for any individual.

Product Details:

  • Quantity: 48 packs (1 pen per pack)
  • Size: 5" Long
  • Colors: Silver with Red, Pink, Lime Green, Blue or Black Trim and Cord
  • Ink: Blue
  • Includes: Ballpoint Pens with Flashlights in each pack
  • Features: On/Off switch, 2 light modes, Extra Bright White LED Light, Break-Away Neck Cord
Availability: In stock

Case (48 Pieces): $92.64

Unit Price: $1.93

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